Since I am @ Caltech now, I thought I'd put up some of the geeky stuff I do (beside being a crazy molecular neurobiologmotorcyclist)… like writing software.

BioPlone and BPMouse
A modular CMS built on top of Plone to help manage the information flow of a modern biological research laboratory. BPMouse in particular is a BioPlone module used to keep track of transgenic mouse colonies, breedings, animals, etc.
A Pymacs script that fetches bibliographic information from PubMed, converts it into the BibTeX format, and inserts it into a BibTeX buffer in Emacs.
ImageJ and Jython
An brief tutorial on how to script ImageJ, a free image processing and analysis application, using the Python language.
A small web application server written using the Ruby language on top of the Camping microframework. It automagically fetches the PDF reprint of a PubMed article given its PMID.
Ze Brein
A Ruby on Rails-based general purpose CMS modeled as a directed acyclic graph of content nodes.
PubMed On Steroids
A niece piece of social software written in web2.0-style that enables peer-reviewing, annotation, discussion, ranking, tagging (and more) of PubMed articles using a Firefox extension.